DMD works with an intricate supply chain of manufacturing specialists to cover most customer requirements. CNC Machining of common and specialist alloys, Additive Manufacturing and Mig/Tig Welding are all covered.


1. Saving on manufacturing costs

By using a CNC machine, you can take complete advantage of all raw materials involved in the manufacturing process. Because of how accurate CNC machines can operate, they significantly reduce waste. This helps the CNC machine operator minimize any losses they may incur and, thus, increase profitability over the course of time.

2. Increased speed of production

CNC machining is an extremely efficient process. Because of this, the production process of a CNC machine cuts down on the number of steps it takes to produce a specific part. Therefore, you can produce multiple parts – or items – in a much shorter amount of time than using other manufacturing processes.

3. Increased efficiency of production

A CNC machine is considered perhaps the most efficient system for designing components. This is because most CNC machines are equipped with quality assurance protection measures built within them. As such, any time there is a problem in the production process, the machine detects it and either shuts down to prevent further problems or fixes the issue internally.

CNC Machining

DMD has experience with all CNC manufacturing methods including; 3 Axis Mill, 5 Axis Mill, and Sliding Head Lathe. Our experience of these methods means we can choose the most cost effective methods for manufacture without compromising on design and performance criteria. 

We have the ability to manufacture with a wide variety of materials including; Stainless Steels, Engineering Steels, Titanium, Aluminium, Inconel, Plastics.

See below an example of Aluminium Billets through to finished (uncoated) Brake Bells.


DMD has a wealth of experience in welded assemblies and structures using a variety of welding methods; 

We have the ability to weld with a wide variety of materials including; Stainless Steels, Engineering Steels, Titanium, alloys Aluminium alloys, and Inconel.

See below some examples of fabrication work undertaken for customers and general production.

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