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Dynamic Motorsport Developments (DMD) is fundamentally an engineering, design, and performance optimisation company, serving a broad range of industries. The team has over 20 years’ experience working in high-performance design, including Motorsport and Tier 1 Automotive and can deliver your requirements within these sectors and others.


Automotive Project Design

We have delivered projects with racing cars using our reverse engineering, optimisation skills to enhance performance of vehicles or parts. We have designed and managed manufacture of tooling and worked on a R&D projects.

Due to our experience and understanding of engineering design, materials performance, tooling, modelling, prototyping and product development, we can manage and deliver your project from concept through to manufacture, including low volume production services for our clients.

Starting from an existing product, a quick sketch or simply a stubborn problem that needs a fresh approach, our engineering design team has the talent and resources ready to generate the solutions your project requires.

Through every project, the team maintains a consistent digital workflow that allows the client to review the design progress as it evolves from two-dimensional illustrations to three-dimensional photo-realistic renderings to fully engineered virtual prototypes.

Our team maintains focus on the viability of the proposed concepts ensuring that the final solutions achieved don’t merely look good on the computer screen, but meet all the real-world functionality, reliability, and cost targets for the project as well.

With a tightly focused team using powerful Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, even the most extreme design concepts and visions can be quickly realised as fully functioning prototypes or completely detailed assemblies ready for production.

Concept Design

In automotive styling, creativity, productivity, and the ability to rapidly iterate different design concepts are critical for success.

We work to ensure that the aesthetic and functional traits, as well as the manufacturability of interior and exterior surfaces, are achieved early in the lifecycle, and all of this must be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

Whether it’s freeform, surface or mechanical shapes, you can quickly validate your concept geometry for detailed engineering, simulation, validation, tooling, and manufacturing.

CAD Rendering VW Golf RSR

DMD carry out CNC turning along with rapid prototyping.

Alongside our Sub suppliers we have been involved in rapid prototype layer technology since its commercialisation over 15 years ago.

We quickly recognised the cost and above all speed benefits of this new prototyping method and we cannot recommend it more, so encourage you to use our company for all your Rapid prototyping. With the aid of our 3D priniting machine your designs can become reality within days.

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Final Product

Here at DMD we know that the final product is of high importance. We can guarantee quality, high performance and precision. Our team our dedicating that you are happy with the end results.

Once you have received your product our support doesn’t end there we can offer help and advise throughout your project to ensure you get the best results.

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Our Services

We can make your automotive project come to life with a wide variety of services available from one company.

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