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Well what can we say About Us! Dynamic Motorsports Developments (DMD) was founded is 2013. We are based in Lancashire North West of England Our company is a collective of automotive petrol heads who have a passion for all things cars!

Dynamc Motorsport Developments

I’ve always been passionate about cars. It was around the early 2000’s when car meets were big. However it’s always been about performance and engineering for me, not sound systems and gimmicky add ons. I worked on a variety of cars in my early motorsport career with MR2 challenge and the first Saker Sprint GT Cars to land in the UK. Combined with track days in 205’s and owning a wide variety of cars personally. The petrol was well and truly in my blood.I actually started DMD as a concept in 2008 whilst retraining in motorsport Engineering. The idea of providing unique products to the motorsport and performance Automotive markets was appealing, as the majority of companies around were providing the usual performance modifications and components that are mass produced and then branded to individuals.

It was my time with M-Sport in Cumbria who helped bring DMD to life. As a junior designer i was immersed in technical wizardry and surrounded by an incredibly talented pool of engineers. Upon leaving M-Sport i setup DMD and began looking for unique solutions to new or long standing issues with specific applications, as well as trying to develop new takes on exsisting products in the marketplace. The goal with everything is to always think outside of the bubble of what is always done and venture into unchartered territory.

DMD has now supplied to over 20 different countries including Austrailia and America and continues to grow steadily whilst maintaining all the original ethos of the business.

Jay Birchenall

Manging Director

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