3D Printing

3D printing in the automotive industry is now essential. Additive manufacturing applications become more numerous, driving the development, processes and technology, to meet the specific needs, and address the constraints of this rapidly evolving sector.


What are the advantages of 3D Printing?

Parts are built in very thin layers, allowing for highly complex geometries that are impossible via any other manufacturing processes.

3D Printing works best for rapidly creating functional prototypes and end-use parts that are high in detail. There are a number of  manufacturing technologies available, each with their own advantages based on the layering methodology and material used.

Using this process has opened new paths at each stage of production of motor vehicles; from the functional prototyping phases, design, and tooling production to parts manufacturing, the automotive industry is one of the pioneers in the use and integration of 3D printing in its processes.

3D Printing

DMD utilises an Anycubic Chiron printer.

By removing the need for tooling and assembly, 3D printing significantly reduces the cost and development time of prototyping, manufacturing of functional, durable and rigid parts.

Contact DMD today to see if we can support your project/vision and bring life to an idea. 

DMD’s additive manufacturing technologies allow you/us to design automotive parts with complex geometries which may be difficult or impossible to produce with traditional methods. While offering benefits such as reducing weight, thus optimizing the energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions of vehicles,

We manufacture all of your parts: model, prototype, pre-production and production.

Discover what reliable, fast and efficient service is thanks to our various printing technologies and wide variety of plastic materials.

Here at DMD Motorsports our team can help in choosing the technology best suited to your project.

Technical Spec / Advantages

400mm x 400mm x 450mm build volume

Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood, TPU

Rapid Prototype Builds

High Precison

Cost Effective


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